Move a semi-trailer with the tractor? No problem when you use our dolly trailer EAD14. Our dolly trailer relieve the tractor during its work. They take the drawbar load of the semi-trailer and keep the large-volume vehicle perfectly on track even at high speeds. At the same time, up to four tonnes of drawbar load is transferred to the tractor so that the tractor unit has sufficient traction even in off-road use. As the dolly keeps the semi-trailer stable while it is driving, the tractor does not need a high weight of its own, this gives benefits in terms of the payload.

EAD 14

14t centre axle dolly (single axle)

• Empty weight 1.75 tonnes
• Drawbar load 4.0 tonnes

TAD 22

22t centre axle dolly (double axle)

• Empty weight 2,9 tonnes
• Drawbar load 4,0 tonnes