Kröger Fahrzeugbau
Accident repair (chassis straightening rig)

We can efficiently and precisely repair deformed trailers or HGV frames as well as superstructures and cabs using our chassis straightening installation. A large part of the straightening equipment is made of aluminium which makes it particularly easy to handle. Our trained staff have a great deal of experience which cannot be replaced with a tool.
Using the induction heater (see illustration), not just chassis, but also vehicle axles can be straightened. The induction heat allows a point heating. Damages to cables and lines, which occur when a naked flame is used, are avoided by this method and the repair times can be shortened accordingly. The work with the induction heater is, compared to traditional heating processes, much more reliable and safe. The temperature, heating depth and heated area is easily and precisely monitored.

High-performance inspection ramp

Time is money. To make maintenance or repair work under the vehicle quicker, more effective and also safer, we have installed a high-performance inspection ramp. Using two extendable lifting cylinders (2 x 15 tonnes carrying capacity), even fully loaded HGVs or trailers can be lifted up to 2.10 m from the ground. The mechanic can therefore bring the vehicle to the best possible position quickly for all maintenance or repair work required. The vehicle is optimally accessible and the repair times are effectively shortened.


The road safety of a commercial vehicle is significantly influenced on the chassis geometry being correctly adjusted. Using our axle measuring system, tracking, camber, trail, king-pin inclination, track difference angle, wheel deflection and angled axles can be measured. It is also possible to measure the frame. Any values which differ from the nominal can be corrected with the appropriate tools. We recommend that the vehicle geometry is regularly checked. You increase the economy of your vehicle by minimising fuel consumption and tyre wear.

The brakes on the trailer and the tractor unit should be optimally tuned to each other by balancing the tractor. Only then can the full potential of the brakes be used and optimum braking behaviour be guaranteed.

EBS testing

Electronically controlled brake systems (EBS) are increasingly replacing conventional air-controlled systems, exclusively on air-suspension vehicles. Error diagnosis and adjustments are only possible using an electronic interface. We offer you a complete EBS service here for systems made by WABCO and HALDEX.

ST brake sensor testing

During the legally prescribed safety test (vehicles > 40 km/h), not only the brake system is closely examined, all driving safety relevant components of the chassis are examined.
A properly conducted ST gives the vehicle operator a high degree of security, damage to brakes and chassis can be normally detected in the early stages so that timely intervention can help prevent costly associated expenses.

Roadworthiness test (HU - MOT test)

The roadworthiness test for commercial vehicles is carried out by TÜV / DEKRA engineers in our workshop.

Installation of additional equipment

You need a overhead loading screw or would like to retrofit a cargo area cover? Or you would like to increase the load volume by retrofitting a side panel extension. IN our trailer workshop we are best suited for all conceivable addition or conversion measures. We look forward to receiving your request and would be happy to provide you with a quote.