16 tonnes three-sided tipper with steel side panels.

Technical data

Load capacity

Permissible total weight: 16,000kg
Empty weight: approx. 3,900kg (in the basic version)
Payload: approx. 12,100kg
Load volume: approx. 15.0m³


Internal cargo area dimensions: approx. 5,160mm L x 2,420mm W x 600 + 600mm H
Basic version

The basic version of the HKD 250 offers a solid foundation for many purposes with an attractive price/performance ratio. Included in the basic version are:

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Tyres 4 x 385/65R22.5 factory refurbished
Axles 8.0 tonnes axle load (40 km/h), 10 hole wheel connection, 2000 mm track width
Springs 16 tonnes parabolic spring suspension
Steering Turntable steering with ball bearing turntable and type-tested Y-drawbar
Chassis frame welded steel construction; double T main load bearer
Brake system dual line service brake system with automatic load-dependent brake force control (ALB), diaphragm brake cylinder, spindle parking brake for the rear axle
Tipping system 3-way tipper; hydraulic multi-piston press with cardanic suspension, 1 line system without connection for a 2nd vehicle, ball tipper bearings with retainer at the rear, 2 locking pins, hydraulic stroke limiter
Tipper frame profile steel in welded construction, 3 mm high-tensile steel floor
Bulkhead fixed made of steel, fixed corner stanchions
Side board walls: made of steel with central bottom unlocking and robust rubber seals that can be replaced, connecting hinges for the upper and lower side board walls
Tailgate basic design is the same as the side board walls, 1 grain feed in the middle with lever operation, fixed corner stanchions, central bottom unlocking, bottom unlocking lever with top dead point tensioner Back-tilting system with folded-down rear board wall is only possible in certain cases
Sidewall extension raised steel side board wall 600 mm all around
Electrical system: 12 volt system according to the guidelines of the StVZO (German traffic laws) with 7-pin connecting cable, triangular reflector and yellow side reflectors, 3 funtion lights
Accessories stable underride protection, wheel chock with bracket, rear plastic mudguard, park sockets for all connections on the drawbar, resting point supports for tipping bridge to reduce noise during driving operation
Paintwork vehicle blasted with steel grit and also degreased, chip-resistant primer top coat in quality gloss paint; Superstructure: Kröger green Chassis:Kröger red
Additional equipment

To prepare the HKD 250 in the best way for special tasks, we offer a wide range of options:

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Add to your wish list A 300S1 Side tipping bridge extension 200 mm high, can be mounted on both sides
Add to your wish list A 600S1 Plug-in triangle at the front and rear (300 mm) with foldable roof arch
Add to your wish list A 650S1 Catwalk with accident protection bar on the front wall (according to the German accident prevention regulations - UVV)
Add to your wish list A 700S1 Yellow tarpaulin with aluminium roller board, hand crank and removable stop supports on the side
Add to your wish list F 100S1 Automatic trailer coupling including light, pneumatic and hydraulic connections for a 2nd trailer
Add to your wish list R 200S1 Tyres, "new" 385/65R22.5 (105 km/h) manufacturer PIRELLI Triathlon (EU Tyre Label B,A,70)
Add to your wish list R 210S1 Tyres, factory refurbished 425/65R22.5 (80 km/h) (catwalk height approx. + 50 mm)
Add to your wish list R 220S1 Tyres, "new" 425/65R22.5 (105 km/h) manufacturer Continental (catwalk height approx. + 50 mm)
Add to your wish list R 240S1 Tyres, "new" 445/65R22.5 (105 km/h) manufacturer Continental (catwalk height approx. + 60 mm)
Add to your wish list R 246S1 Tyres, "new" 560/60R22.5 BKT FLOTATION RADIAL, profiles FL 693 M, (70 km/h), (tyre load at 1.5 bar 10 km/h = 4,010 kg) (catwalk height approx. + 220 mm), rims with imprint depth ID + 30 mm
Add to your wish list R 259S1 Tyres "new" 560/60R22.5 NOKIAN Country King (65 km/h) 161D with reinforced rims 20.00 (tyre load at 1.5 bar 10 km/h = 5,000 kg) (catwalk height approx. + 220 mm)
Add to your wish list L 100S1 Special paintwork, chassis according to RAL tone
Add to your wish list L 120S1 Special paintwork, superstructure and side board walls according to RAL tone
Add to your wish list T 100S1 Experts report 25 km/h operating license
Add to your wish list T 150S1 Experts report for 40 km/h registration
Add to your wish list T 900S1 Transport costs, German post code 0-4
Add to your wish list T 910S1 Transport costs, German post code 5-9
Practical examples

Over recent years, we have adapted the HKD 250 to meet the customer's wishes for many tasks. One of our particular strengths: you only pay for what you really need!

HKD250 - 16 tonne permissible total weight

Practical examples: HKD250 - 16 tonne permissible total weight

Side tipping

Practical examples: Side tipping