New from KRÖGER: Transport vegetable boxes quick and safe

When vegetables are harvested or planted, they are primarily put in boxes. At Agritechnica, Kröger is presenting a newly developed platform trailer for this type of transport for the first time. This special body has been developed in close association with an experienced vegetable farmer and is optimally designed for quick loading and secure transport of vegetables and/or seed vegetable boxes.

This special vehicle has been based on a two-axle standard chassis from the PWO range. The front wall and rear wall are made of a steel frame construction with aluminium board wall profiles. The front wall also has a double-leaf access door as well as removable locking bars to secure the load vertically. An LED light strip in the roof construction allows the loading bay to be lit up. The roof tarpaulin protects the interior from rain and sunshine. The two-part side gates are hydraulically opened upwards and are parked on the roof when opened. A guide rail ensures that the gates open and close safely and securely. A combination of gearwheels and chains is used to control the divided side gates with double-acting hydraulic cylinders. By switching a valve on the drawbar, you can preselect whether the left, right, or both sides are to be opened. The special advantages are barrier-free loading and unloading, positive locking automatic load securing, quick hitching and unhitching on the field combined with the firm handling properties of the tried and trusted chassis.

Technical data:

-       Permissible total weight:         18,000 kg

-       Empty weight:                            4,300 kg

-       Payload:                                     13,700 kg

-       Dimensions:                              7,690mm L x 2,550mm W x 4,000mm H

Licensed to drive at up to: 40, 60 or 80 km/h

The gates can be safely hydraulically opened, guided along a rail

Metering rollers for agroliner push-off trailers

From now on, Kröger will be offering metering rollers for the agroliner push-off trailer programme, as are often required in grass and also corn silage. The metering rollers have been integrated into the volume tailgate. This gives the customer the option of opening the entire unit including metering rollers as if they were not even there, allowing everything that had been loaded to be pushed off as usual.

The metering rollers are driven by a PTO drive shaft. A safety circuit automatically controls the feed rate of the pusher blade. This ensures that the maximum permissible throughput rate for the metering rollers is not exceeded, preventing any overloading.

If the metering rollers should not be required at any point during the maize chaffing harvest, then the unit can be hydraulically opened like the volume tailgate and does not need to be laboriously removed. Only the PTO shaft drive needs to be taken out by removing a PTO shaft at the rear (connection mitre gear at rear and holder on the metering roller unit) and a hydr. 6/2 way stopcock, also attached to the rear and fitted with a mechanical safety switch, needs to be switched.

To effectively increase the load capacity for light goods, e.g. grass silage, the pusher blade can still be used to help compress it.

Left; Tailgate opened for metering roller use, Right; Tailgate incl. metering unit opened

Two vehicles, one remote control – Functions expanded for semi-trailer / dolly combination

The new semi-trailer-push-off trailer „agroliner SAW32“ was presented at DELUTA and proved to be very popular.

Until now, for combined use of the semi-trailer with an agroliner – dolly trailer, two remote controls were required to control the respective vehicle. With a SAW trailer with an optional control block, the vehicle is now always prepared to also control a dolly trailer. Only a small and inexpensive equipment upgrade is required for the dolly trailer to allow remote control.

The driver then only needs to have one remote control to control all the relevant functions, such as e.g. activating the hydraulics, tailgate, pusher blade, cover system, and lighting. This prevents operating errors which is particularly advantageous when hiring out.

Central "Smartlock" board wall locking system for agroliner three-way tipper now manual as well

KRÖGER presented their patented, „Smartlock“ hydraulically controlled board wall locking system for the first time at Agritechnica 2017.

With this system, the side board walls of a tipper can be opened and closed from the tractor cab. This means that the entire tipping process can be carried out without the tractor driver having to leave the tractor cab. This option attracted great interest at the trade fair and is popular for grain transport. Many customers who are potato growers were asking for a manual version which enables central locking and unlocking of the side boards. This request has been taken to heart by the company and a mechanical version of the patented solution has been developed. As with the hydraulic "Smartlock" version, the central locks are replaced by sliding bolt locks and connected to the lower locking shaft. An over-centre tensioner with a long lever on the front wall ensures that it is still easy to open the board wall.

As this solution has been tried and tested for the last two years in practice, it is possible to fit agroliner three-way tippers with this option from now on. This adds operating convenience while saving time.

terraliner - Heavy-duty dump trailer optimised

At Agritechnica, KRÖGER is presenting the newest version of the tried and trusted terraliner heavy-duty dump trailer with several optimisation details for tough use on construction sites.

The chassis has been tidied up and components such as air reservoirs and wheel chocks have been positioned under the chassis frame to given them protection.

The ADR bogie axle unit incorporated in the basic configuration has been given a new axle connection. The new connection means that the maintenance intervals for checking tightening torques are now significantly longer. The new connections can also be easily retrofitted on used vehicles.

The new front press for the halfpipe heavy-duty dump trailer (MUP20HP) requires less hydraulic oil while simultaneously increasing the tipping speed. Of course, the cylinder still has more than adequate power reserves.

News on the hook-lift trailer

Agriculture, construction, and forestry are inconceivable today without tractor-towed hook-lift trailers, and there is an increasing demand for them. The concept is impressive with its versatile uses and high level of cost-effectiveness anywhere that flexibility is required.

Cooperation contract with MEILLER has been extended

For more than five years now, KRÖGER has exclusively offered roll-off systems made by MEILLER for their tractor-towed hook-lift trailers. The cooperation agreement was extended in early 2019.

New standard for tandem hook-lift trailers

From February 2019 onwards, KRÖGER will exclusively be offering their hook-lift trailers with the new hook system (type: RS21.65 o. optional RS21.70) made by MEILLER installed. MEILLER already presented the new hook a few years ago. After a test phase, KRÖGER decided to equip all their roll-off tippers with the new type of hook as standard. Apart from a modernised design, the innovative system also provides efficiency advantages:

In practice, the new unrivalled performance of the "RS21" is very impressive. The first advantage of the improved and patented rapid motion can clearly be seen during the tipping process. The work can be carried out at twice the speed in certain sequences and save valuable time during every work cycle. This is available as an option.

Another plus point regarding efficiency is that MEILLER has reduced the weight of the basic hook unit by 200 kg.

A special mention should be given to the fact that all containers and tanks can be be picked up and put down according to DIN 30722.

Telescopic hook to pick up containers with different hook heights

In order to pick up containers with different hook heights as well, KRÖGER offers a telescopic hook arm as an option. This ensures a height adjustment of 170 mm meaning that containers meeting different standards can also be picked up.

Push-off trailer made by KRÖGER - agroliner now also available as a semitrailer

KRÖGER commercial vehicles presented the innovative agroliner push-off trailer as a semitrailer at DELUTA 2018 (Type: SAW32). This means the tried and trusted transport concept is also available for semitrailer tractors in future or in combination with tractor and dolly trailer.

The semitrailer version offers all the familiar advantages of a push-off trailer, such as standing firmly during the unloading process, compressing various light goods, quick to empty completely. A significant advantage of the semitrailer technology in contrast to the tandem or trigem alternatives is the excellent stability while driving, even when hitched to light tractors or semitrailer tractors, which not only results in advantages regarding driving stability, but also regarding the payload.

The push-off semitrailer will initially be delivered exclusively in the two-axle design. The standard version already includes a mechanical-hydraulic forced steering system installed. This ensures that the large-volume vehicle remains very flexible and manoeuvrable. You can choose from parabolic or air suspension for the vehicle suspension. Depending on the use, the trailer can be fitted with high pressure or low pressure tyres. The cargo area can be designed with a capacity of up to 48 m³ (water capacity). A license for use on public roads can be granted for 40, 60 or 105 km/h, depending on the equipment.

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Hydraulic „Smart-Lock" central locking device for the agroliner three-way tipper

At many German collection points, be it for potatoes, sugar beets or cereals, numerous safety regulations nowadays regulate unloading procedures. Among others things, many collection points require that the driver does exit from the tractor vehicle when delivering crops.

Since there is already a solution on the market for hydraulic remote unlocking, Kröger has now developed a hydraulically remote-controlled locking and unlocking mechanism for the side panels. With the "Smart-Lock" system, the entire unloading procedure can now be hydraulically controlled from the tractor. A manual intervention from the driver is no longer required. This results in several advantages in practice:

  • Increased work safety, since the side panels no longer have to be opened or closed manually. The driver remains in the tractor cab during the entire unloading procedure. Therefore, the risk of accidents associated with entering the various collections points can be virtually ruled out.
  • It is impossible to open the locks in the wrong sequence and therefore mechanical breakdowns are prevented.
  • Increased productivity, since the time required until now to leave the tractor cab and manually open and close the side boards is saved. (Manual locking and unlocking of the side boards of a tractor-tipper combination requires approx. 2.5 to 3 minutes per unloading procedure)
  • The tractor driver is no longer exposed to dust contamination (e.g. when unloading cereals).approx. 1,420 characters
"Smart Lock" for the three-way tipper (HKD302)
A Magnet ensures that the side wall can be closed

agroliner platform trailer now also with automatic bale transport securing

For bale transport, the vehicle manufacturer Kröger from south Oldenburg has now developed a new automatic transport securing system. Until now, only manual transport securing devices with swivel rungs were offered.

Using sophisticated kinematics, two longitudinal tubes respectively are brought into position by the tractor hydraulic system for quick load securing. In doing so, the longitudinal tubes are secured in each position by a stop valve. The automatic load securing system is designed for all conventional round bales, silage bales or square bales, however, the optimal formats are round bales with a diameter of 1.6 m and square bales with a length of 2.40 m.

Compared to other solutions, the new load securing system offers several advantages: for loading, the longitudinal tubes are parked right on the outer frame profile of the loading platform. Through this, on the one hand, the clearance gauge is not restricted at all for loading, and on the other hand, the ground clearance is fully maintained for manoeuvring the vehicle. Moreover, the system is capable of pressing in bales that are protruding.

Four hydraulic cylinders on the front and the rear of the vehicle move the longitudinal tubes
Also square bales can be easily transported

More load volume for the agroliner push-off trailer

When it comes to highly efficient transportation of various agricultural products, agroliner push-off trailers offer a versatile range of applications. Large load volumes can be moved safely and rapidly. With the horizontal push-off technology, safe unloading is possible also on soft or uneven ground as well as in buildings with restricted height.   

Kröger is now expanding its tandem push-off trailer range of products by a third variation with an extended superstructure. This version can transport load volumes of 37 to 43 m³. The standard superstructure of the vehicle was extended by 1000 mm to a total of 8100 mm. To ensure safe driving operation and high roll stability for this XL tandem vehicle, this version is only offered in combination with a hydraulic spring suspension. Like for all agroliner push-off trailers, the proven low-friction stainless steel floor is already included in the basic equipment.

TAW20 with extended superstructure (side view) (Item number:A 114B)

Kröger three-way tipper with quick opening - now even more flexible use

Since the agroliner 18-ton three-way tipper is also available with one-part, hydraulically lifted side panels, these units are increasingly also being used for transporting silage, compost or other poorly flowing loads. However, it was not possible to unload spillage goods such as cereals, rapeseed or grain maize via the hydraulic side panels until now, because the surge pressure after opening the bottom lock was very high and therefore too much strain was put on the large one-part side panel. As a result, spillage goods could only be unloaded via the opposite or rearward conventional swivel side panels, which also meant that the tipping side could no longer be chosen as required.

Kröger took this as an opportunity to make crucial developments to the hydraulic side panel. The new developments involve automatic relief of the pressure on the side panel after unlocking. The load pressure is detected immediately upon opening and a pressure equalisation is triggered to activate the quick opening. The hydraulic side panel springs open up to a sufficient opening angle and can be lifted further hydraulically as required. The entire load can therefore be tipped out of the trailer within a very short time, without counter-pressure from the side panel elements.

The quick opening thus now also allows for the unloading of spillage goods via the hydraulic side panels, making this vehicle concept even more flexible.

New terraliner heavy duty dump trailer "MUP20SP"

Tractor-drawn heavy duty dump trailers are nowadays a common sight on many construction sites. Until now, the terraliner product range from Kröger offered customers two dump trailer variations, a half-pipe with front cylinder or a square profile alternative with an under-floor cylinder.

The advantage of the square profile is the level loading area, which can also be used to transport unit loads such as pallets or smaller construction equipment. However, agricultural contractors in particular often want heavy duty dump trailers with larger load volumes, to be able to also transport lighter agricultural crops and thus increase the utilisation of the vehicles. To fulfil these requirements, Kröger developed the new terraliner model "MUP20SP". Compared to the existing versions, the basic trough of the new model was designed to be longer and at the same time, lower. As a result, although the load volume remains designed for heavy load operations, the optional sidewall extensions can be installed to achieve a much higher load volume thanks to the bigger trough length. The top frame of the trough was designed for easy installation of sidewall extensions. The basic trough is designed as a square trough with an under-floor cylinder. Like with all terraliner heavy duty dump trailers, the conical trough can be made from 6 mm "HARDOX 450".

The dump trailer is available with swinging / bogie or hydraulic axle assemblies. A new feature of this version are the optional 600 mm aluminium extensions, which can be used to transport agricultural produce.

Technical data:

Load volume: 12.57m³ (without extension); 20.07m³ (with extension + material cone)
Inner dimension of the trough: 5,600mm L x 2,240mm B x 1,005mm H
Overall dimension: 7,600mm L x 2,550mm B x 2,600mm H
Payload: 13,400 kg
Net weight: 6,600 kg
Perm. total weight: 20,000 – 24,000 kg (On-Road); 28,000 kg (Off-Road)
Tipping angle: 60°

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Platform trailer to transport potato crates

Kröger Nutzfahrzeuge has also now developed a platform trailer especially optimised for the purpose of transporting potato crates. For this purpose, the load area is designed to be variable to suit the commonly-available crate formats on the market. With this solution, potatoes can be harvested and transported from the field directly in the crates.

Securing of the load can be carried out using the frame board walls which form-fit the loaded crates and therefore ensure for the secure loading. However, as an alternative, high-quality aluminium side panels are available. Newly-developed centre posts can be folded down or removed in just a few steps. Thought has also been given to transporting a second layer of crates. These can be secured using tensioning straps to the lowerable lashing points which are provided in sufficient quantity.

The optional extension at the rear of the vehicle can be pulled out up to 1 metre.
There are sufficient lashing points to secure the second layer of crates.

New on this version is the optionally available extension at the rear of the vehicle. The platform can be used for on-site transport and extended by up to 1 metre. This means that the loading area can be adjusted flexibly to suit different potato crate formats.

As with all agroliner vehicle types, various additional equipment, e.g. side collision protection, toolboxes, catwalks and many more can be added to meet the customer's wishes. The running gears are based on solid and long-lasting high-speed extrusion systems.

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Semi-trailer with Tridec steering for potato transport

Two agroliner semi-trailer trough tippers (SMK34) for use with Agrotrucks were supplied to a customer from the potato cultivating industry.

The trailers are mainly used for transporting potatoes from the field to the factory. To reach an overload height of 3,300 mm, the aluminium trough in this application was fitted with a side panel height of 1,570 mm. To be able to continue to utilise the maximum transport capacity, the trough has a long design. The total load volume achieved is 38 m³ with a permitted overall weight of 34 tonnes. A powerful press at the front ensures additional stability during the tipping process. The hydraulic tailgate lifts up high above the cone of the material and is integrated optimally into the side walls so that even cargos which do not slide easily can be unloaded without any problems.

The tailgate opens well above the cone of the material
agroliner semi-trailer with Tridec steering system (coupling point left-hand side)

With the Tridec steering system installed, the third axle is fitted under a turntable and is force-steered by the Tridec steering system mechanically from the coupling plate. High manoeuvrability and low tyre wear in tight turning circles are the positive results. For unladen trips, the first axle is designed as a lifting axle. The air suspension ensures balanced ride comfort. The coupling height of the trailer is 1,350 mm, this can be extended to suit the tractor unit up to 1,450 mm.

Despite many other special options, such as a catwalk, a roller tarpaulin and a plug-in triangle, the SMK34 has an empty weight of 8,900 kg. With its MAN tractor unit, the overall vehicle combination tips the scales with 17,620 kg overall weight giving a payload of 22,380 kg.

Three-axle platform trailer to transport vegetable crates

In vegetable cultivation, the transport of the harvest and seed is often carried out using crates or pallets. Kröger Nutzfahrzeuge has developed a three-axle platform trailer to meet these requirements in close cooperation with a large customer. The first prototype was delivered in 2015. After an extensive testing phase and further detail optimisation, the first of four deliveries marks the official market introduction of the new "agroliner PWO402" vehicle type.

The aluminium side panels as well as the centre and corner posts on the agroliner PWO402 can be folded down on all sides and completely removed in just a few steps. It should be pointed out here that no separate lock for the posts is required. This saves both time and maintenance effort. The side panels can be locked using the inset side panel locks. The outer frame of the cargo area is fitted with a forklift collision protection system all the way around. The front wall also consists of an aluminium panel which is fixed in place.

Foldable and removable centre and corner posts

On the platform, which is approx. 9,880 mm long and approx. 2,460 mm wide, there are sufficient recessed lashing points to perform load securing. The load area has room for 24 euro pallets.

The design of the chassis is based on a conventional three-axle centre pivot trailer. If the customer wishes, the platform trailer can be fitted with field-friendly low-pressure tyres, sized 560/60R22.5, and 3 x 11 tonnes ADR axles (technically designed for 105 km/h). This means the track width is adjusted to suit the trailer's low-pressure tyres and also to the tractor's track. Even with the wide wheels, the aluminium side panels can be folded down through 180°.

As an option, the PWO402 can be fitted with side collision protection, double LED 3-unit rear lights, a towing device on the rear or a practical toolbox.

Lowerable lashing points and forklift collision protection

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Tridec running gear with Tritronic for electrical control of the hydraulic suspension

The "MUP 30HP" heavy-duty dump trailer is available for delivery with Tridec running gear from March 2016.

The Tridem dump trailer has forced steering on the first and third axles in this version. The suspension is assisted by a hydraulic spring system. With its three-point suspension, each axle is able to compensate for any irregularities in all directions when stationary. In addition, no torsion forces are transferred to the chassis as each point is articulated.

As an additional option, a TRITRONIC control unit can be chosen to electrically control the hydraulic suspension. Using this controller, automatic level control can be activated at the touch of a button. This function can be adjusted with the optional spirit level control. Both of these special options can increase the tipping stability significantly. It is also possible to use the electronics to achieve automatic vehicle height adjustment.

TRIDEC running gear/superstructure tipped over to the left-hand sideTRIDEC running gear/superstructure tipped over to the left-hand side
TRITRONIC controllerTRITRONIC controller

The advantages of the TRIDEC running gear are obvious:

  • Optimum manoeuvring capability
  • Low-maintenance/no grease points on the suspension
    >Additional grease nipples are avoided
  • Tipping stability thanks to automatic level control
  • Automatic vehicle height adjustment
  • High roll stability

PTO transfer drive for hook-lift trailers

Kröger has offered a PTO transfer drive for its hook-lift trailers since December 2015. This special option means that an attachment (e.g., road salt spreader) can be mounted using the on-board PTO driven hydraulic system and then run using the PTO drive. For this, the tractor unit's PTO shaft must be coupled.

This type of drive produces significantly more force, which is passed to the consumer unit more efficiently compared to a hydraulic system. The design takes the fact that the force will be passed through the vehicle without large losses into account.

With this additional extra option, a hook-lift trailer can be used in even more diverse ways. This flexibility is exactly what makes roll-off tippers so attractive to the agricultural an construction industry.

The first vehicle fitted with this option was delivered in December 2015.

(Article number: F 9506) PTO shaft transfer drive

PTO shaft transfer drive at the frontPTO shaft transfer drive at the front
PTO shaft transfer drive at the rear of the vehiclePTO shaft transfer drive at the rear of the vehicle

Hook-lift trailer as fastrunner version

Kröger delivers its first hook-lift trailer, which can be pulled by an HGV. The tandem rigid axle trailer is approved for speeds up to 80 km/h and can therefore be towed behind all heavy goods vehicles with a tow hitch.

Kröger also applies the highest quality levels for its HGV version of the hook-lift trailer. As standard, a premium hook-lift system manufactured by MEILLER is fitted. The complete vehicle running gear is designed for the loads a "fast-runner" will experience. The roll-off tipper is fitted with BPW axles (105 km/h), a 24 V lighting system as well as side drive-under protection on the left-hand and right-hand sides. In addition, the usual air suspension found on heavy goods vehicles is fitted with a quick-lowering function.

With a towing eye fitted, the vehicle can also be used behind a tractor as an alternative. This means that the trailer is suitable for use behind various towing vehicles for transporting demolition materials, sand, topsoil or other special loads such as office containers, for example.

TransMaxx - centre pivot trailer with drawbar load transfer

With Kröger Nutzfahrzeuge's "agroliner- TransMaxx", a new vehicle concept has been introduced to the market. The product name interprets maximum transport performance. The new development is a symbiosis of turntable and tridem trailers. The advantages of both systems are unified to eliminate vehicle-specific deficits at the same time.

The design of the TransMaxx is initially based on a conventional three-axle centre pivot trailer. The largest handicap of a turntable-steered trailer is, however, the limitation of the maximum permitted total weight to a maximum of 24 tonnes. In conjunction with a tractor as the towing vehicle, the possible permitted total weight of 40 tonnes cannot be fully utilised. A dolly trailer with drawbar load transfer has been built for this reason. This brings the vehicle into the fixed drawbar trailer category which means that it can be designed with up to 34 tonnes permitted overall weight.

Thanks to the extended axle spacing between the dolly trailer and the rear double-axle, the vehicle sticks to its tracks when driving fast on roads. The dynamic forces produced while driving do not need to be fielded by the tractor vehicle as is the case with a tandem or tridem trailer. The dolly trailer of the trailer takes on this task in an exemplary fashion and the trailer can therefore be moved without any problems by comparatively light tractors. The drawbar load transfer of up to 4 tonnes as well as the version with ground-protecting low-pressure tyres, both ensure that the use on the fields is practically done. Combined with the optionally available steering axles, the vehicle remains very manoeuvrable and it even enables smaller turning circles than with tridem vehicles of comparable size. The forced steering on the last axle is controlled by the dolly trailer. This means that there is no requirement to attach the forced steering system to the tractor. The air-sprung axle unit ensures balanced ride comfort.

Kröger is only offering the agroliner TransMaxx as a rearwards tipper trough vehicle initially. The trough has a capacity of up to 50 m³ and is made of aluminium. The hydraulic tailgate lifts up high above the cone of the material and is integrated optimally into the side walls so that even cargos which do not slide easily can be unloaded without any problems. A press at the front ensures additional stability during the tipping procedure. The oil supply comes from a powerful on-board hydraulic system. A prototype of this new vehicle generation has been in permanent use for 4 years already. Due to the positive experience gained, the new model is now released for sale.

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TAW20-K - The "compact" push-off trailer

When high efficiency is required for the transport of various agricultural products, the agroliner push-off trailers offer a wide range of applications. Large load volumes can be moved safely and rapidly. With the horizontal push-off technology, safe unloading is possible also on soft or uneven ground or in buildings with restricted height.

The TAW20-K was developed to be able to use a push-off trailer where larger vehicles cannot be used because of their size. With its "compact" total length of 8.4 m, the vehicle is much more versatile and maneuverable, and can therefore be used on farms with restricted space or on sub-optimal agricultural roads. With a load volume of 30-34m³, depending on the equipment, the TAW20-K still offers high transport capacity.

As a matter of principle, all of the equipment variations of the larger models are also available for the new model. Like for all agroliner push-off trailers, the proven low-friction stainless steel floor is already included in the basic equipment. Furthermore, the paint is applied using the high-quality KTL+ powder procedure.

TAWcontrol - Automatic pre-pressing for push-off trailers

In current practice, tractor drivers are often confronted with the problem of having to perform and monitor many actions at the same time. For instance, to use the pre-pressing function, the driver must actuate the control valve for the pressing panel in addition to concentrating on driving in parallel. At the same time, the pressure gauge and the pressing panel must be monitored to actuate the valve again when the target pressure has been reached. The pressing panel must then be moved back to its original position.

Although there are solutions on the market that enable pressure limitation during pre-pressing, the panel must still be monitored to interrupt the pressing procedure and to move the pressing panel back to its original position.

With "TAWcontrol " the driver can use the touchscreen display terminal with automatic pre-pressing control to set the desired pre-pressing pressure before driving off. Therefore, the complete operating sequence can be performed by pressing a button on the touchscreen during the chopping process. The driver no longer needs to keep an eye on the panel and the pressure indicator. This allows him to keep his full attention on driving.
By reducing the workload, distractions for the driver are reduced to a minimum, decreasing the risk of accidents. However, the possible cargo volume is increased by up to 60%, as required for cost-oriented transportation.

If necessary, the driver can always be informed of the current pressure in front of the pressing panel.

The automatic "TAWcontrol " including the automatic pre-pressing function is expected to be available for delivery as of May 2016.

Hydraulic opening side boards without middle stanchions are now also available for tandem three-way tipper

Since our 18-ton three-way tipper in the special version with hydraulic side boards has proven its worth in practice, this equipment will be available also for the tandem model (20-24 tons perm. total weight) effective immediately. The bearing load transmission effectively increases the traction of the tractor, and when operated solo, the central axle trailer is easier to manoeuvre. For lighter bulk cargo, the loading volume can be designed for up to 29 m³ for the individual vehicle and a huge 58 m³ in combination with two trailers.

You can find more information on this vehicle here.

A large mouth and lots behind it

Our 18 t three-way tipper in the HKD302-S special verion with hydraulic side board was subjected to an intensive model renewal program. Among other things, the opening angle and the locking mechanism were optimised. This also allowed the own weight to be reduced. This vehicle is the perfect alternative when even poorly sliding cargo, such as compost or silage, has to be transported.

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agroliner - pusher trailer in DLZ long-term test

DLZ has carried out intensive testing on our TAW20 pusher trailer over a season. The comprehensive test report from DLZ can be read here.