Due to the horizontal pusher system, the highest possible operational security is guaranteed. So that the load can be pushed off with the lowest possible friction values, the agroliner pusher trailer has a stainless steel base as standard and the pusher plate is coated with VA sheet steel plates. The side panels are designed to be torsion-resistant so that the seal, particularly with bulk cargo such as rapeseed and grain, is guaranteed to be long-lasting. The standard large volume tailgate effectively increases the loading volume.

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Load capacity

Permissible total weight: 31,000 - 34,000kg *
Empty weight: approx. 9,980kg (in the basic version)
Payload: approx. 21,020kg
Drawbar load: 4,000kg bis 40km/h (2,000kg over 40km/h)
Load volume: approx. 45 - 51.5m³ *


Internal cargo area dimensions: approx. 9,200mm L x 2,370mm W x 2,020mm H

Technical details

Oil requirement: approx. 44 litres *

 *= depending on equipment

The basic version of the SAW 32 offers a solid foundation for many purposes with an attractive price/performance ratio. Included in the basic version are:

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