MUK 402

Our tridem range gives you loading volumes up to 50 m³ with a maximum permitted total weight of 34 tonnes. Alongside the standard parabolic spring suspension, hydraulic and pneumatic suspension systems are available. In the basic version, both front axles are fixed and the third axle is a self-steering axle. From the manufacturer's view, we recommend a forced steering system for the first and the third axles.

Technical data
Load capacity  
Permissible total weight: 31,000 - 34,000 kg
Empty weight*: approx. 8,100 - 11,800 kg
Payload*: approx. 20,900 - 24,800 kg
Drawbar load*: 4,000 kg up to 40 km/h (2,000 kg over 40 km/h)
Load volume*: approx. 27.0 - 50.0m³ (see.: trough variants)
Internal cargo area dimensions*: approx. 8,000 - 9,000 mm L x 2,260 mm W x 1,480 - 2,450 mm H
External cargo area dimensions*: approx. 8,180 - 9,180 mm L x 2,550 mm W x 1,480 - 2,450 mm H
Technical details  
Tipping cylinder oil requirement*: approx. 48.8 litres

* = depending on equipment.

Basic version

The basic version of the MUK402 offers a solid foundation for many purposes with an attractive price/performance ratio. Included in the basic version are:

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Tyres 6 x 425/65 R22.5 "NEW" tyres on centre well rims approved for 100 km/h
Axles ADR axles 3 x 12 tonnes (60 km/h), 2150 mm track width (technical 105 km/h), automatic slack adjuster, wheel brake 420 x 180 mm, 150 mm square axle
Springs 36 tonnes parabolically suspended linked steering unit with dynamic brake compensation, 1550 mm axle wheelbase
Steering 3rd axle carried out as self-steering axle, hydraulic lock
Draw gear rigid towing device with Scharmüller parallel shank drawbar head Type K80, 4 tonnes drawbar load up to 40 km/h (2 tonnes when more than 40 km/h), mechanical saddle landing gear with rapid speed
Chassis frame steel-welded construction, main load bearer made from torsion-resistant square tube profiles
Brake system dual line service brake system with automatic load-dependent brake force control (ALB), 6 x diaphragm brake cylinders, automatic parking brake (spring brake cylinder)
Tipping system rearwards tipping system, hydraulic multi-piston press, 1 line system, hydraulic stroke limiter, safety rope
Steel trough conical rearwards tipping trough (optionally also as two or three-way tipper - see A 1505/1605), Trough with angled shaped side board walls, sturdy top frame made from square tube, removable aluminium ladder on the front wall, floor plate 4 mm thick, side panels with 3 mm thickness, hydraulic tailgate opening with rubber seal, safety lock and driver display, grain feed in the middle in the rear wall with removable discharge chute
Electrical system: 12 volt system according to the StVZO (German traffic laws) with 7-pin connecting cable, triangular reflector and yellow side marker lamps, 3 function lights (rubber mounted), number plate lights, position lights
Accessories stable foldable underride protection made from round tube, 2 x wheel chocks with bracket, plastic mudguards at the front and rear, warning panel package front and rear, hose cabinet for all supply lines on the drawbar, protective caps for the screw connections, resting point supports for tipping trough for reducing the noise during driving operation
Paintwork vehicle blasted with steel grit and also degreased, chip-resistant primer, sealing of areas in particular risk of corrosion using bodywork sealing compound, top coat in German quality dual-component gloss paint Tipping trough: Kröger green Chassis: Kröger red
Additional equipment

To prepare the MUK402 in the best way for special tasks, we offer a wide range of options:

(You can add the individual items of optional equipment to the wish list using the + symbol.)

A 1025 Trough height approx. 1730 mm instead of 1480 mm
A 1045 Trough height approx. 1950 mm instead of 1480 mm (observe the overall vehicle height, delivery without tyres)
A 1075 Trough height approx. 2200 mm instead of 1480 mm (observe the overall vehicle height, delivery without tyres, only in conjunction with hydraulic suspension)
A 1255 Trough length 9000 mm instead of 8000 mm (only possible in combination with equipment F 0155)
A 1505 Two-sided tipping mechanism with swivel side panels, 600 mm high + centre post as well as rubber seal (catwalk height approx. + 100 mm)
A 1805 Sidewall extensions (steel) 500 mm, can be folded open all around and can be removed, with viewing window at the front (not cereal grain tight)
A 1835 Sidewall extensions (steel) 800 mm, can be folded open all around and can be removed, with viewing window at the front (not cereal grain tight)
A 2615 "Shock-Stop" potato chute (conveyor belt rubber) in the front cargo area
A 2805 Viewing window with guard screen in the bulkhead, dimensions approx. 355 mm wide and 625 mm high
A 3005 Side tipping bridge extension 200 mm high, mounted on one side (only in combination with A 1505)
A 5405 Top hydraulically foldable side board wall approx. 600 mm (one-sided right or left side) for reducing the overhead loading height (potatoes), operating via the tractor hydraulics, mechanical locking (double-acting control unit required)
A 5715 2 x additional slide gates with chute in the tailgate (total of 3 items)
A 6005 Plug-in triangle at the front and rear (300 mm) + 2 x middle triangle with foldable roof arch
A 6505 Catwalk with accident protection bar on the bulkhead (according to the German accident prevention regulations - UVV)
A 7105 Yellow tarpaulin (reinforced material) with aluminium roller pipe, hand crank and removable stop supports on the side (can be fastened with 2 x strap ratchets) (only in combination with A 6005 + A 6501 / can only be used without extension)
A 7525 2-wing hydraulic cargo area cover system driven by oil motors, covered with a net (double-acting control unit and 3-pin 12 volt socket required / not compatible with extension)
A 7905 Galvanised protective cover for rotary actuator of the automatic cargo area cover
F 0155 Own oil supply with PTO shaft drive, 130 litre hydraulic pump with 1000 revolutions, 120 litre hydraulic tank, PTO shaft, wireless remote control from the tractor
F 0555 6/2-directional valve for two double-acting functions; switching point on a double-acting control unit
F 1305 Towing device at the rear
F 2705 Side collision protection (mandatory for approval > 40 km/h)
F 3225 Reinforced height-adjustable, rubber bearing drawbar, dimensioned for 4 tonnes drawbar load (mandatory from 4 tonnes drawbar load), version as central tube
F 3255 Hydraulically height-adjustable towing device damped via nitrogen accumulator (only in conjunction with hydraulic jack)
F 3295 Double hydraulic jack instead of the mechanical landing gear (required for forced steering)
F 4685 Brake system with Duomatik couplings
F 5145 Contour marking film, yellow on the side and rear of the vehicle (mandatory for approval > 60 km/h)
F 5165 Position and number plate lights as LED version
F 5185 3 function rear lights, angular, LED version
F 5215 2 x LED reversing lights on the rear of the vehicle (12 volt 3-pin socket required)
F 5225 LED working floodlight on front wall for cargo area illumination (3-pin socket required)
F 5235 2 x LED lateral reversing lights on the chassis (12 volt 3-pin socket required)
F 5265 Protective grids for the rear lights, screw-on version (not permitted on German public roads)
F 5275 Separate switching box with 3 x toggle switches (on+off) consisting of 1 x main switch and 2 x for electrical functions (power supply via 3-pin socket, 12 volts)
F 5285 Operate two electric functions via the on-board hydraulics' wireless remote control (only in combination with F 0155)
F 5295 Hydraulic hose marking "Kennfixx" (price per hydraulic pipe)
F 5405 Separate oil stub line to the rear (diameter 15 mm)
F 5425 Assembly of a front screw conveyor (without screw only in combination with F 5405)
F 5485 Quick-lowering system for tipping hydraulic via the 2 hose system (double-acting control unit required)
F 6015 Axle wheelbase > 1800 mm for 34 tonnes total weight (only in combination with forced steering)
F 6215 BPW Tridem axle unit 3 x 11to (max. 60 km/h), hydraulic suspended, including forced steering for 1st and 3rd axle, 2150mm track, AGS, wheel brake 410 x 180mm, 150mm axle square; (only in combination with equipment F 3295 & F 8015, brake cylinder on top)
F 7205 1st axle carried out as lifting axle (only possible in combination with hydraulic spring suspension)
F 8015 Electrically switched rear-axle support for hydraulic spring suspension (increased stability)
F 9025 Electronic load control with signal lamp on the vehicle (only possible in combination with hydraulic spring suspension, 12 volt , 3-pin socket required)
F 9305 Tie rods, forced steering (2 x) with additional automatic telescope
F 9545 Wide-angle cardan shaft instead of standard cardan shaft (only in conjunction with F 0155)
Info: For forced-steering axles, 2 x cranked push rods for mounting balls K50 is supplied as standard.
R 2635 Tyres "new" 650/55 R26.5 BKT FLOTATION RADIAL, profile FL 630, (65 km/h) 169D, (tyre load at 1.5 bar 10 km/h = 5,185 kg)
R 2645 Tyres "new" 620/60R26.5 NOKIAN Country King (tyre load at 1.5 bar 10 km/h = 5,310 kg)
R 2815 Tyres "new" 650/55 R26.5 BKT FLOTATION RADIAL, profile FL 693, (65 km/h) 169D, (tyre load at 1.5 bar 10 km/h = 5,185 kg)
R 2885 Tyres, new 710/50R26.5 BKT FLOTATION RADIAL, profile FL 693, (70 km/h) 170D, (tyre load at 1.5 bar 10 km/h = 5305 kg)
R 2925 Tyres "new" 710/50 R26.5 BKT FLOTATION RADIAL ULTRA, profile FL 630, (65 km/h) 170D, (tyre load at 1.5 bar 10 km/h = 5305 kg)
R 2935 Tyres "new" 710/50R26.5 NOKIAN Country King (tyre load at 1.5 bar 10 km/h = 5,615 kg)
Info: At a total external width of 2750 mm or greater, equipment F 5175 warning sign package must be selected!
L 1005 Special paintwork, chassis according to RAL tone
L 1305 Special paintwork, trough according to RAL tone
L 1505 Stone chipping protection coating under the tipping bridge in the area above the wheels
T 1515 40 km/h approval according to EU type approval, delivery with COC papers (net price not discountable)
T 2015 60 km/h approval according to EU type approval, delivery with COC papers (net price not discountable, only in conjunction with F 2705)
T 5005 Technical instruction on site (net price not discountable)
T 9005 Transport costs, German post code 0-4 (net price cannot be discounted)
T 9105 Transport costs, German post code 5-9 (net price cannot be discounted)

Our MUK402 in action

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