From now on, Kröger will be offering metering rollers for the agroliner push-off trailer programme, as are often required in grass and also corn silage. The metering rollers have been integrated into the volume tailgate. This gives the customer the option of opening the entire unit including metering rollers as if they were not even there, allowing everything that had been loaded to be pushed off as usual.

The metering rollers are driven by a PTO drive shaft. A safety circuit automatically controls the feed rate of the pusher blade. This ensures that the maximum permissible throughput rate for the metering rollers is not exceeded, preventing any overloading.

If the metering rollers should not be required at any point during the maize chaffing harvest, then the unit can be hydraulically opened like the volume tailgate and does not need to be laboriously removed. Only the PTO shaft drive needs to be taken out by removing a PTO shaft at the rear (connection mitre gear at rear and holder on the metering roller unit) and a hydr. 6/2 way stopcock, also attached to the rear and fitted with a mechanical safety switch, needs to be switched.

To effectively increase the load capacity for light goods, e.g. grass silage, the pusher blade can still be used to help compress it.

Left; Tailgate opened for metering roller use, Right; Tailgate incl. metering unit opened

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