Push-off trailers

Move many volumes safely and quickly – and that combined with short loading / unloading times. These efficiency factors are met at the highest level with the agroliner push-off trailer. The push-off system ensures quick and safe unloading even on unsurfaced or sloping ground. Thanks to its many possible uses, a relatively high annual usage can be achieved. Where a tipper meets its natural boundaries, e.g. in low buildings on slopes or on unsurfaced ground, the agroliner push-off trailer can be used without limitations.

20 - 24t central-axle push-off trailer

Type: TAW 20

Empty weight*: 7.38 tonnes
Payload*: 12.62 - 14.62 tonnes
Load volume*: 32 - 46,5 m³
31 - 34t tridem push-off trailer

Type: TAW 30

Empty weight*: 9.98 tonnes
Payload*: 21.02 tonnes
Load volume*: 42 - 52,5 m³
32t central-axle push-off semitrailer

Type: SAW 32

Empty weight*: 8.8 tonnes
Payload*: 23.2 tonnes
Load volume*: 45 - 60 m³
36t Tridem-axle push-off semitrailer

Type: SAW 36

Empty weight*: 9.25 tonnes
Payload*: 26.75 tonnes
Load volume*: 42 - 60 m³

*depending on equipment.

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