Strong trailers for the construction industry

For many years the tractor has proven itself on construction sites as well. We noticed this trend at a very early stage, and developed solid and powerful heavy-duty tippers for the construction industry. Just to underline the point, the demands on these vehicles is basically very different to that with our agricultural transport vehicles, we have therefore registered the trade name terraliner for our transport solutions for the construction industry.

Heavy-duty dump trailers

The tipper trailer is a sturdy beast: the many longitudinal edges in the trough give the tipper an exceptional degree of stability so that rib reinforcement can be largely dispensed with.


Hook-lift trailers

Being demolition, earth movement, material or machine transport. Combined with the respective suitable containers or load racks, the hook-lift trailer is a versatile all-rounder.



The container is proven for communal and construction industries and is suitable for moving sand, gravel and earth.


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