When vegetables are harvested or planted, they are primarily put in boxes. At Agritechnica, Kröger is presenting a newly developed platform trailer for this type of transport for the first time. This special body has been developed in close association with an experienced vegetable farmer and is optimally designed for quick loading and secure transport of vegetables and/or seed vegetable boxes.

From now on, Kröger will be offering metering rollers for the agroliner push-off trailer programme, as are often required in grass and also corn silage. The metering rollers have been integrated into the volume tailgate. This gives the customer the option of opening the entire unit including metering rollers as if they were not even there, allowing everything that had been loaded to be pushed off as usual.

The new semi-trailer-push-off trailer „agroliner SAW32“ was presented at DELUTA and proved to be very popular.

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