Individual transport technology for agriculture for 60 years

You need transport solutions which are optimally tailored to your operational requirements? Off-the-peg vehicles are only very rarely the correct choice. For this reason, configure your individual agroliner with the help of our sales advisors which will fit seamlessly into your operational logistics. Use our experienced designers' technical knowledge and innovative skills.

Three-way tippers

The three-way tipper is, and remains, the most versatile means of transport for agricultural bulk and loose cargo with the best price / performance ratio.

Dump trailers

A true multi-talent: stable and sturdy - be it bulk material or even poorly-sliding cargo.

Hook-lift trailers

Containers or other swappable bodies like tipper containers, manure tanks, manure spreaders, flat racks, etc. can be picked up and dropped off as desired.

Push-off trailers

Move large volumes safely and quickly - and that combined with short loading / unloading times.

Platform trailer

In vegetable cultivation, the transport of the harvest and seed is often carried out using crates or pallets. Our platform trailers give you sufficient load space and enough lashing points to ensure for securing the load. 

Dolly trailers

Move a semi-trailer with the tractor? No problem when you use our dolly trailers.

HGV solutions

If you want to move over long transport routes safely, quickly and economically, then the tractor with a three-way tipper body in combination with a three-way tipper trailer is an interesting idea.